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Lift and See Animals

Lift and See Animals

From the editors at Tiger Tales
Novelty Board Book
For ages 3 to 5
Tiger Tales, 2013   ISBN: 978-1589256132

Many children are attracted to brainteasers of all kinds. They like figuring out how to stack blocks so they don’t fall over, and how to put puzzle pieces together to create a picture. They also like trying to figure out how to match pictures so that they go together. For example, does the umbrella go with the raindrops or does it go with the suit?

   In this novelty board book little children are presented with the picture of an animal and the animal asks if we can match it to the correct picture on the opposite page. There are three pictures to choose from, each one showing a piece of an animal’s skin. The pictures include a flap to lift and under it we find out which picture matches the animal, and who the other skin pictures belong to.

   For example, on the first spread we see a tiger. It roars at us and tells us “Can you match me?” and “Lift and see!” On the facing page we see pictures of three kinds of animal skin. One is furry and stripy, one is orange and bumpy, and one is blue and white and shiny. When we lift the flaps we find out that the stripy picture belongs to the tiger. The orange picture belongs to a “rough sea star,” and the last image shows part of a butterfly’s wing.

   There are five matching challenges in the book and children are going to enjoy trying to figure out which skin covering goes with the tiger, the elephant, the parrot, the zebra and the giraffe. They can also try to guess who the other animal skins belong to before they lift the flaps to find out the correct answer.