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Leonardo and the flying Boy: A story about Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo and the flying Boy: A story about Leonardo da Vinci

Laurence Anholt
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 7
Barron’s Educational Series, 2000   ISBN: 978-0764152252

Zoro was the apprentice of the great painter, thinker, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci. He helped around Leonardo's studio, studied with the great man, and wondered at all the incredible ideas that the gentle genius had. Imagine being able to fly like a bird, of being able to walk on water, of understanding how a plant grows. These and many other things were forever swirling around Leonardo's mind.

Zoro is able to see all his masters work except for what lies behind the door of Leonardo's secret room. No one knows what the master keeps in the room. At least no one knows until Leonardo brings Salai to live with him. A wild, disobedient and often downright provoking boy, Salai decides that he is going to see what is in the secret room and he takes Zoro with him.

What follows is an extraordinary and highly dangerous adventure as the boys discover Leonardo's secret and then take the secret out to try it out for themselves.

Based on the true story of Zoro, Salai and their famous master, Laurence Anholt has created a beautiful and highly interesting book about one of the world's most famous men. At the back of the book the author has added a short section which further describes what Leonardo da Vinci was like and how Zoro and Salai really were a part of the great man's life.