Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews



Stephen Michael King
Picture Book
For ages 5 and up
Roaring Brook Press, 1989   ISBN: 978-1596435032

One day, when his mother comes to cut his hair, a little boy makes a run for it, and soon he is outside in the garden playing in the grass. While he is enjoying the freedom of being outdoors, a bird drops a seed in the little boy's hair, and not long after the seed sprouts into a little plant.

The little boy is delighted by this new development, and he works very hard to take care of his baby plant. It isn't easy either because it is growing on his head ,and tending a plant that is on your head can be a challenge.

The next morning the little boy's mother catches him, and she proceeds to remove much of the hair, and his precious plant, from her son's head.

In this funny and thoroughly delightful mostly wordless picture book, Stephen Michael King tells a story that readers of all ages will fall in love with. Punctuated by the odd "boing,"  "glurg," "snip," and "Pitter patter," this picture book captures the joy that a child can experience watching something grow. It also gives readers a touch of magic that they will remember long after they have put the book on the shelf.