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Lawrence in the Fall

Lawrence in the Fall

Matthew Farina
Illustrator:  Doug Salati 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Disney-Hyperion, 2019   ISBN: 978-1484780589

One morning in school the teacher tells her students that she wants them to bring something that they collect to show their classmates. All the animals are excited to share their favorite collections with their friends. Except for Lawrence. Lawrence does not have a collection to share and he runs home in tears. Luckily Papa knows exactly what to do. There is a place that he knows where Laurence will be able to find “a collection fit for a special fox like you.”

The next morning, bright and early, Papa and Laurence go into the forest. Papa is sure that his little son will find, amongst the trees, what he needs to create a collection, but Laurence is not so sure.

As they are crossing the river they see some rocks that would be nice to collect but they are hard to reach. Then it begins to rain and Papa and Laurence get separated. Laurence comes to a clearing and the rain ceases. Laurence calls out for his father but there is no response. Except that a big tree in the clearing sways. Then its branches shake. Then a leaf drifts down and lands on Laurence’s head.

Going out into nature can be very rewarding. Through Laurence’s eyes young readers will come to appreciate that out there, among the trees, plants, and animals, wonderful things await them.