Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews



Ashley Spires
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 8
Kids Can Press, 2012   ISBN: 978-1554537013

Larf is a tall hairy sasquatch who lives in a wood cabin the woods with his bunny, Eric. Larf likes living on his own, and is happy that people have no idea that he exists. Luckily for him people “rarely believe in anything new and strange,” so even when he is accidently seen, no one really believes that they are looking at an honest to goodness sasquatch.

Larf is convinced that he is the only one of his kind left until the day when he reads an article in the newspaper that announces that a sasquatch is going to “make an appearance” in a nearby town that day. Larf does not like change, but he cannot help thinking that maybe, just maybe, it might be nice to have another sasquatch around. So, Larf puts on what he thinks is a great disguise and he goes to town. Larf is both disappointed and pleased when he finds out that the so-called sasquatch is a fake. He is ready to go back to his solitary life in the woods when he has a most unusual encounter.

For some people change is frightening, and they are happiest when nothing out of the ordinary happens. In this charming and sweetly funny picture book, we meet a character who dares to do something that makes him uncomfortable and who discovers that some changes are rather nice.

With a delightful main character, wonderful illustrations, and a heartwarming ending, this is a picture book that will appeal to readers both young and not so young.