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Ladybug Girl Dresses Up!

Ladybug Girl Dresses Up!

, Jacky DavisIllustrator:  David Soman 
Board Book  Series
For infants to age 4
Penguin, 2010   ISBN: 978-0448453736

Lulu loves to play dress-up, and she has lots of dress-up costumes to show you. Here she is dressed as a pirate complete with an eye patch, a wooden sword, and big boots. As a pirate, Lulu can sail the “high seas” and look for “buried treasure.

Next Lulu tries something very different. Here she is as a fairy princesses with her long dress, pink wings, and magic wand. In this costume Lulu can fly around and cast spells.

Each costume that she puts on and shows us gives Lulu the ability to do something unique that goes with the costume, but there is one outfit that she likes best because when she is wearing it she “can do anything!”

Many children like to play dress-up and assume the persona of a character. They can be creative and have fun pretending to be something exciting and different. This charming Ladybug Girl board book looks at how Lulu likes to dress up and play pretend, and young readers are sure to enjoy sharing her dress-up adventures.