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Knocked out by my Nunga Nungas

Knocked out by my Nunga Nungas

Louise Rennison
Fiction  Series
For ages 14 and up
HarperCollins, 2003   ISBN: 0064473627

Georgia is now the official girlfriend of a Sex God, and though this is, of course, a fabbity fab thing, it is also a little confusing. After all, Robbie is a bit older than she is and he is on the brink of becoming a pop star. Though Robbie’s mere presence makes Georgia’s knees wobbly, she does not always know what to say or do around him. For example, what should she do when he sings to her? Look dreamy? Hum along?

   One evening at a club, when Robbie does not pay Georgia enough attention, she gets miffed and the next thing you know she is snogging (kissing that is) her ex-boyfriend Dave the Laugh. Georgia begins to wonder if she has a real “red bottomosity” problem. In other words, is she becoming a shameless sex kitten. It does not help that Dave the Laugh is good-looking, easy to get along with, and funny.

   This thoroughly addictive third title in the Georgia Nicolson series will have readers howling with laughter. Younger readers may even find that their copy of the book temporarily disappears because the adults in their life are reading it. Not only is this story funny, but it is also very interesting to see what happens to Georgia next. Aside from her red bottomosity fears, Georgia also deals with nunga nunga issues, and she staunchly supports her cat’s right to pursue the cat next door. After all, love is love, right? Why shouldn’t Angus be able to er…cuddle with his beloved Neomi, the Burmese Sex Kitten?

   Beware, this book should not be read in a public place because of its extreme hilariousity.