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Knit Knack Kit: Simple Instructions and Tools for 25 terrific knitting projects

Knit Knack Kit: Simple Instructions and Tools for 25 terrific knitting projects

Randi Katzman, Randi Katzman
Illustrator:  France Ruffenach 
Novelty Craft Kit
For ages 12 and up
Chronicle Books, 2003   ISBN: 978-0811838573

Many of us don't take the time to do something creative. We forget that working with our hands can be restful, soothing, and it can give our brains a much needed break from the everyday chores which fill our days. Knitting is one of those activities which is calming, interesting, challenging, and which gives people of all kinds the opportunity to explore a completely new world filled with beautiful colors and textures.

In this kit newbies will find a book which will help them learn all they need to know to get started in the knitting world. Terms are explained, basic techniques are described and readers will discover that knitting really isn?t that hard. Once they are comfortable with the basic techniques readers can then start knitting in earnest using the project cards which are included in the kit. Knitters can begin with an easy little book mark and then move on to make a more complicated and fashionable tunnel scarf. Best of all the instructions on the twenty-five cards are written in easy to understand English. There are no confusing knitting abbreviations to understand. In short this kit makes knitting accessible and fun. New knitters using the book and the project cards will soon find themselves enjoying every aspect of the knitting process.

In addition to the book and the project cards the kit includes a set of metal circular needles, two stitch markers, and a yarn needle.