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Knit It! Learn the basics and knit 25 basic projects

Knit It! Learn the basics and knit 25 basic projects

Melissa Leapman
Photographer: Alexandra Grablewski
For ages 13 and up
Chronicle Books, 2014   ISBN: 978-1452124513

Not that long ago knitting started to attract people of all ages, people who realized that knitting is an art form. The yarns available in shops became more colorful and more varied, the needles more beautiful, and in towns and cities all over the world knitting clubs began to pop up. People got together in knitting shops, libraries, coffee shops, and schools to knit together and to expand on their knitting knowledge. Now knitting is something we see children, teens, men and women doing, and newbies to the craft are always eager to find new books that will help them learn new knitting skills.

   This title is just such a book, and the author begins at the beginning by talking about yarn, which comes in different weights and can be made out of many different kinds of fibers. Next she talks about needles and the other tools that knitters commonly use.

   With needles and yarn in hand, we are now ready to learn how to learn to knit, which is what we do in the “Getting Started” section. Illustrations show novice knitters how to hold needles, how to cast on, how to knit and how to purl. Knitters now have the ability to make things that are square or rectangular, but if they want to make garments that are shaped, they also have to learn how to increase and decrease, which is what comes next in the book.

   After learning how to make some basic textures, the authors goes on to explain some more complicated concepts including color work, knitting in the round, finishing, reading knitting patterns (knittingese can be intimidating) and how to fix mistakes, which are inevitable.

   Next, knitters will find the projects, the first one of which is a simple rectangular tie. Then there is a cowl, which is also a rectangle, the ends of which are sewn together. This is a wonderful beginner project made with bulky weight yarn, which means it will not take long to complete.

   A simple baby blanket with a pretty eyelet edge follows. Knitters will learn how to do simple increases in this project and they will end up with a piece of work that would make a wonderful gift for a new baby.

   The projects that follow include hats, a floor poof, jackets, sweaters, a little girl’s dress, accessories and more. At the back of the book there is a resources section where knitters can find information about online yarn shops, books, and knitting groups.

   This book would make a wonderful gift for someone who is eager to learn how to knit.