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Katie Loves the Kittens

Katie Loves the Kittens

John Himmelman
Picture book
For ages 4 to 6
Henry Holt, 2008   ISBN: 978-0805086829

Katie the dog is so excited because her person, Sara Ann, has brought home three little kittens. Katie loves the new arrivals so much that she starts to howl with joy. The problem is that the loud noise terrifies the kittens and they run away. Sara Ann tells Katie that she should stay away from the kittens until they get used to her, which saddens Katie because she wants to play with the kittens so much

Katie tries to stay away from the kittens, but this turns out to be very hard to do. Try as she might, Katie cannot resist the sweet little furry babies, and every time she gets near them she howls and terrifies them.

In this delightful picture book readers will meet a loveable canine who has an unusual problem. The laugh-out-loud funny illustrations perfectly capture Katie’s personality, and readers of all ages will appreciate how hard it is for Katie to restrain her kitten loving exuberance.