Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Kat Writes a Song

Kat Writes a Song

Greg Foley
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Simon and Schuster, 2018   ISBN: 978-1534406803

It is a wet and grey day and Kat cannot go outdoors, and she has no one to play with either. Not surprisingly, this state of affairs has left her feeling rather sad and glum. Kat decides to write a song, hoping that doing so will cheer her up.

After a lot of work and a fair number of mistakes, Kat has a little song that she calls Amazing Song to Make Things Better. Singing the song and playing the guitar certainly puts a smile on Kat’s face. Then she looks out of the window and she sees that the sun has come out. Did her song have anything to do with the change in the weather?

Kat goes outside and she sings her song as she walks down the street. When she walks past Dog’s house he does not bark at her, which is odd because he usually does bark at Kat. As she passes Turtle’s house, he finds a missing sock. Turtle is always losing things so his find is “amazing.” Could Kat’s music really be helping the animals she encounters? She decides to “find more friends to help.”

Many of the world’s problems are not easily fixable. Saving the environment and having world peace are rather big issues to tackle. However, the pain of smaller problems can be eased when a song is brought into the equation. Songs and music have this magical ability to make things “better.”

In this delightful book we meet a little cat who makes her world a bit better when she makes up a song. In the process, she learns that the gift of music is a joy to give and to receive.

Inside the front and back covers of the book readers will find the music and lyrics for Kat's song. The chords, which can be played on a piano, guitar, ukulele or any other  instrument that can play chords, are also provided.