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Just Right for Christmas

Just Right for Christmas

Birdie Black
Illustrator:  Rosalind Beardshaw 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Nosy Crow, 2012   ISBN: 978-0763661748

It was Christmas Eve, and snow was starting to fall. The king went to the market and he saw a beautiful roll of red cloth. The cloth was “so red and soft and Christmassy” that he bought it and took it to the palace. The king’s sewing maids turned the fabric into a gorgeous cloak for the princess, and the king was delighted that he had the perfect Christmas gift for his daughter.

There was some fabric left over, which the sewing maids put by the back door of the castle. One of the kitchen maids found the fabric and decided that it was just what she needed to make a jacket for her mother. At her home she sewed and sewed until the jacket was made. There were some scraps of fabric left over, which the kitchen maid put outside her back door, which is where Bertie Badger found them. The fabric was just what Bertie needed to make a Christmas gift for his father.

In this delightful holiday picture book, we see how a variety of characters find creative ways to give a Christmas gift to their loved ones. With lovely illustrations throughout, this is a book that will delight the eye and warm the heart.