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Just Grace Goes Green (The Just Grace Series)

Just Grace Goes Green (The Just Grace Series)

Charise Mericle Harper
Fiction  Series
For ages 7 to 9
Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2009   ISBN: 978-0618959570

Just Grace’s third grade teacher has decided that it is time for her students to “go green.” She then goes on to explain what being green means, and how everyone needs to do their part to “save energy, recycle, and save the planets and its inhabitants.” Miss Lois comes up with several projects to help her students learn about green choices, and everyone in the class, including Just Grace and her best friend Mimi, are excited to get to work.

After what feels like a very long day at school, Mimi tells Just Grace some incredible news. Mimi’s cousin Gwen is coming to stay with Mimi for ten days. Gwen’s parents are going to China for work, and they will even be gone during Gwen’s birthday. Just Grace feels sorry for Gwen. After all, who wants to be away from home and family on one’s birthday.

Just Grace and Mimi set about doing all they can to make Gwen feel welcome, and they are looking forward to spending time with her. When Gwen arrives, Just Grace and Mimi give Gwen an enthusiastic welcome, but it isn’t long before Just Grace begins to feel left out and more than a little upset. When she is at home all she can think about is the fact that Mimi and Gwen were having “super-type fun” without her. It would appear that she is green in more ways than one. Green environmentally speaking, and green with envy.

Written from Just Grace’s point of view and in her own wonderfully distinct “voice,” this novel is both funny and informative. As they read the engaging story, young readers will acquire a lot of information about how they can be green. Thanks to Just Grace, they will see how recycling, reusing and conserving every day can have a very real impact on our planet’s well-being.