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Just For You!

Just For You!

Christine Leeson
Illustrator:  Andy Ellis 
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 7
Tiger Tales, 2004   ISBN: 1589250427

It is Mother’s Day and Jenny and her brothers and sister have got their mother a wonderful gift, a pretty vase. Unfortunately, as they are preparing to wrap the gift, the vase falls and breaks. What are they going to do now? How can they find a good gift for their mother before she wakes up?

Quickly the little mice run outside and set about looking around for something that their mother would like. In no time at all Jenny’s big brother finds some lovely sweet strawberries. Just as the mice are getting ready to carry the berries home they learn that the sweet treats belong to Vole; the mice are empty handed once more. Then the mice find some lovely soft feathers, but they belong to Bluejay who needs the feathers to line her nest. Will the mice ever find something that doesn’t belong to someone else?

This charming title is the perfect book to share with children on Mother’s Day. With sweet illustrations and delightful characters, it is a heartwarming tale that children and their grownups will find hard to resist.