Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Jolly Snow

Jolly Snow

Jane Hissey
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Scribblers, 2013   ISBN: 978-1908973023

It is a cold and wet day outside, and Jolly Tall, the toy giraffe, wishes that it would snow. He’s never seen real snow before. Little Bear shows his friends the snow that drifts down inside a snow globe. Jolly thinks the snow is very pretty, but alas there is not enough of it inside the globe to slide and jump in, nor is there enough to turn into snowballs.

   Zebra says that she knows where there is some snow and she leads her friends to the kitchen where Bramwell Brown the teddy bear is making cookies. The flour he is using looks a lot like snow and one can turn the cookie dough into balls which the animals throw at each other.  

   The problem with dough balls, unlike snowballs, is that they make a sticky mess and Zebra needs to have a bath. Her friends help her to get clean, and as they scrub her they realize that soap bubbles are perfect for playing with. Unfortunately soap bubbles, unlike snowballs, last for a very short while.

   Zebra, Jolly, Duck, and Little Bear decide to go and ask their friend Old Bear if he knows how they can make snow. Old Bear often has the answers to their problems.

   In this delightful Old Bear story, gorgeous illustrations are paired with a story that shows little children how a little creativity can go a long way sometimes. Jolly has a wish that is not easy to grant, but he and his loving friends have a great time trying to give him what he wants.