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John F. Kennedy: American Visionary

John F. Kennedy: American Visionary

Nathan Olson
Illustrator:  Brian Bascle 
Nonfiction Graphic Novel  Series
For ages 6 to 9
Capstone Press, 2007   ISBN: 978-0736868525

It was the early 1920's and John "Jack" Kennedy lived with his older brother Joe, his other brothers and sisters, and his parents in Boston, Massachusetts. Though the brothers fought sometimes, they also defended one another against anyone who tried to hurt one of them. It was not always easy for Jack because he very much felt that he was living in the shadow of his bright, popular, athletic, and healthy brother. Jack was clever but he did not always apply himself, and he was often ill.

Despite his average grades Jack managed to get into Harvard University, just as Joe had done a few years before. Here Jack did well, and he even wrote a book about the coming threat of war in Europe. After his time at Harvard was over Jack joined the navy and he turned out to be a well liked and courageous officer, one who risked his life to save his men after their boat was sunk by the Japanese. Soon after Jack got back home his brother Joe was killed in action. Jack's father, who had hoped to get Joe into the White House, put all his hopes on Jack and Jack rose to the challenge with a will.

This book will give young readers a sense of what John F. Kennedy was like and why he came to be so beloved by people all over the world. His words – some of which are used in the text – have the power to move hearts, and his actions got America through some very hard times.

Carefully written and presented in a graphic novel style format, this is just one of the titles in the acclaimed "Graphic Library" series.