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Jeannette Claus Saves Christmas

Jeannette Claus Saves Christmas

Douglas Rees
Illustrator:  Olivier Latyk 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 8
Simon and Schuster, 2010   ISBN: 978-1416926863

It is Christmas Eve, and something dreadful has happened. Santa Claus has got a terrible cold and he is really far too ill to ride around in an open sleigh all night long. Santa’s daughter Jeanette decides that she is going to have to take Santa’s place. Santa agrees that this is the only solution, but he is worried. The reindeer are “tricky,” and if Jeanette doesn’t handle them just so, they will not cooperate.

Determined to get the job done right, Jeanette loads up the sleigh. The reindeer complain, but Jeanette won’t give in to their whining, and soon enough the sleigh is airborne.

For hours, everything goes perfectly. In fact, Jeanette is hoping that they might even be finished early this year, and then the unthinkable happens and the whole mission is brought to a screeching halt. Jeanette is stuck on a roof with a sleigh full of gifts and no reindeer.

With likeable characters, charming artwork, and a plot full of surprises, this picture book is sure to become a holiday favorite.