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James Herriot’s Treasury for children: Warm and joyful animal tales Audio

James Herriot’s Treasury for children: Warm and joyful animal tales Audio

James Herriot
For ages 5 to 8
Unabridged audiobook (CD)
Performed/read by: Jim Dale
Macmillan Audio, 2008   ISBN: 1427205248

James Herriot has delighted several generations of readers with his funny and often poignant stories about the adventures and misadventures that he had when he was a vet in the Yorkshire Dales. Now young readers can also enjoy some of his stories.

The collection begins with a story about a little kitten called Moses whom James Herriot found lying near a pond one cold winters day. James took the kitten to a farm, and there the little kitten was taken in by the farmer’s wife. The farmer’s wife, who had plenty of experience in taking care of baby animals, put the kitten in her oven to warm up and dry out. The kitten, Moses, soon found out that there are many wonderful places to visit on a farm.

In another story, James describes how he met an old farmer who has two elderly horses living on his farm. James is astonished to discover that the farmer has kept the horses for many years, even though they cannot work anymore. Most farmers in his position would have sold the horses long ago. Not this farmer though. He is fond of his old horses, and he feels that they deserve a comfortable retirement as thanks for all the work they did for him.

These heartwarming and often amusing stories give readers a delightful picture of what James Herriot’s life was like. He met colorful people, and singular animals, and his experiences clearly enriched his life.

Jim Dale’s narrative perfectly captures James Herriot’s obvious love for animals, and he brings the people James encounters in the stories to life.