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It’s Springtime in my backyard

It’s Springtime in my backyard

Kathy Mazur
Picture Book and CD
For ages 3 to 6
Spring Ducks Books, 2004   ISBN: 0976107600

Spring has arrived and with it have arrived two visitors, Molly and Moe, who are a pair of Mallard ducks. The Mallards like to build their nest in the garden and the little girl whose garden it is loves to watch the ducks. She also makes friends with Molly, always being careful not to frighten the duck and by feeding the duck all kinds of treats.

Excellent photographs combined with amusing illustrations and a simple text make this a charming picture book about a little girl and the springtime visitors in her backyard. At the back of the book the author has included some interesting additional information about male and female Mallards and a collection of photographs which capture some of the things that you might see in your backyard in the spring.

The author has also included a CD of the reading of the book which is read, with enthusiasm, by a seven-year-old narrator.