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Isaac Newton and the laws of motion

Isaac Newton and the laws of motion

Andrea Gianopoulos
Illustrator:  Phil Miller , Charles Barnett III 
Nonfiction Graphic Novel  Series
For ages 7 to 10
Capstone Press, 2007   ISBN: 073686847X

When he was still a young boy Isaac Newton grew to love studying and experimenting. He wanted to learn how things worked and why they worked. He experimented and built machines. When he went to college in Cambridge he spent many hours working with equations because he was fascinated by mathematics and what numbers could tell a person about the world. When Trinity College was closed for two years because of the plague, Isaac went back to his childhood home. While he was there he began to think about why the moon moved the way it did in space and how gravity worked. He was sure that numbers could be used to “describe” these phenomena.

This interest blossomed, and soon Isaac was focusing all his energies on developing equations that could be used to explain what the forces of motion are. He wrote a book called The Principia, which had a profound effect on “how people view the world.”

In this Graphic Library title the author not only tells readers about Isaac Newton’s life but she also explains the physical laws that Newton studied and wrote about. The well written text – with quotes from Newton’s writings – combines perfectly with the graphic novel style artwork.

This is just in a large collection of biographies and histories in this series.