Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Iris and Walter

Iris and Walter

Elissa Haden Guest
Illustrator:  Christine Davenier 
FIction  Series
For ages 6 to 9
Harcourt, 2006   ISBN: 978-0152056445

Iris is feeling very sad because her family has moved from the city to the country. Iris loved living in the city. She loved the city noises, the people, playing baseball after supper, and roller-skating indoors on rainy days. Now, in the country, she is feeling very lonely and even when her parents try to cheer her up, Iris remains steadfastly glum.

Iris's her grandfather takes Iris for a walk and Iris tells him how she misses her friends and how there are no children to play with in the country. Her grandfather says that they will have to go and look for some children. Then Iris sees a large tree which she decides to climb. In the end this turns out to be very easy to do because a rope ladder appears and Iris climbs up. At the top of the ladder there is a little tree house and in the house Iris meets a boy called Walter.

In no time at all Iris and Walter become fast friends. Though Iris still thinks about the city and misses it sometimes, Walter shows her that the country has lots of wonderful things to offer and with his friendship to help her, Iris come to see those wonderful things for herself.

In this charming chapter book for beginner readers children will get to meet a little girl who faces the very understandable problems associated with moving to a new location. Children who are experiencing something similar will find Iris' story comforting and hopeful. Flowing and lively illustrations, and a heartwarming and carefully written text makes this a perfect book for readers who are just starting to read independently.