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Inheritance: Book Two - Eldest

Inheritance: Book Two - Eldest

Christopher Paolini
Ficiton  Series
For ages 12 and up
Random House, 2005   ISBN: 978-0375826702

Though Eragon and his dragon partner Saphira helped to win the battle against the Urgals, and though they were able to save the rebel group known as the Varden from being destroyed by the enemy, the war is far from over. The time has now come for the Varden and their allies to meet the terrible despot King Galbatorix on the battle field. He must be removed from power once and for all. Everyone knows that it is going to be a terrible fight and that it might be one that the Varden will lose, but they have to try.

To prepare them for the battle to come, Eragon and Saphira travel to the place where the Elves live, to the great forest land of Du Weldenvarden. Here both Eragon and Saphira are trained. The boy's education is taken in hand by a wise and very skilled elf called Oromis, and Saphira discovers that she is not the last of the good dragons, for Oromis's partner is a huge gold dragon called Glaedr. From Glaedr Saphira learns how to better her flying and her fighting skills.

Meanwhile, in Eragon's old village, Carvahall, the Ra'zac and Galbatorix's Empire soldiers are making life very difficult for Eragon's cousin Roran. The enemy is looking for both Eragon and Roran, and the whole village is in jeopardy. Roran, the son of a farmer, a quiet man who seeks a simple life, finds himself being forced into a new role as warrior and leader. Can he save the villagers from the Galbatorix's terrible servants?

This second book in the "Inheritance" trilogy takes the reader deep into the magic and mysticism that seems to flow throughout the land of Alagaesia. Eragon discovers much about his abilities and his past. He struggles to deal with great physical pain, and with the love that he feels for the elf Arya, a love which threatens to undermine all that he is trying to achieve. His journey towards becoming a true Rider is a hard and challenging one, but it is one which that he must complete if he is to have a chance to overthrow Galbatorix.