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In the Tree House

In the Tree House

Andrew Larsen
Illustrator:  Dusan Petricic 
Picture Book
For ages 6 to 8
Kids Can Press, Ltd., 2013   ISBN: 978-1554536351

Last year a little boy and his family moved into a new house. He was delighted because the new house had its own yard and he would have his own room. No more sharing with his big brother. The boy and his brother began creating plans for a tree house, and with their father’s help they build a tree house that was high up enough that they could see the whole neighborhood. The little boy and his brother spent much of that summer in the tree house and it “was the best summer ever.”

   This summer everything is different. This summer the little boy’s big brother is always busy doing things with his friends, and he is too busy to spend time in the tree house with his little brother. The little boy is the “king of the castle” and he can do whatever he wants in the tree house. The thing is that he is not particularly happy because he is not getting to share his adventures and experiences with his big brother.

   Then one night there is a power failure, and as the little boy watches from his place in the tree house, the neighborhood goes black. For the first time the little boy can see the stars. Instead of being annoyed, the neighbors all come outside carrying candles or flashlights. There is a party atmosphere in the air. Then the little boy’s big brother asks if can “hang out” in the tree house.  

   In this wonderful picture book beautifully written text to paired with expressive artwork to give readers a story that captures a special moment in a little boy’s life, a moment that means a great deal to the child.