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In the Snow: Who’s Been Here?

In the Snow: Who’s Been Here?

Lindsay Barrett George
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 8
HarperCollins, 1999   ISBN: 978-0688170561

William and his little sister Cammy are going outside to sled on a nearby hill. On the way they throw handfuls of corn out across the snow for the wild animals to eat. They also look around them very carefully looking for signs of animal activity. Not far from home they see some tracks in the snow between some barberry bushes. Who could have made the tracks? It was ruffed grouse looking for the red barberry berries. Further along the children, with their dog following them, see a leafy nest in an old oak tree. Who is in the nest? It is a family of squirrels sheltering from the cold.

Together the children and their dog find signs that eight different kinds of animals have been out and about in the woods. By carefully looking at marks, prints in the snow, signs of activity and more, the children are able to figure what the animals were. This is a stunningly illustrated picture book which captures the beauty of the winter landscape and the untold wonders that can be found there. Children will be encouraged to try their hand at a little nature detecting of their own. One never knows what one will learn if one moves quietly with open eyes and ready ears.

At the back of the book the author includes further information about the eight animals mentioned in the story.