Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

In my dreams I can fly

In my dreams I can fly

Eveline Hasler
Illustrator:  Kathi Bhend 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
NorthSouth, 2009   ISBN: 073582259X

Winter is on its way, and below ground a grub, two worms, a beetle, and a caterpillar prepare for the coming cold weather. The five creatures are good friends, and tunnels connect their underground homes. As it gets colder, the animals share their homes, their food, and their secrets. They discover that caterpillar dreams of “color and sky,” and they find out that grub has stored a whole onion in his storeroom.

One cold day the friends discover that caterpillar has disappeared and grub’s onion has done something very strange indeed. So many changes are taking place and the four friends don’t know what is happening.

In this gorgeously illustrated picture book, Eveline Hasler shows her young readers that life is full of delightful and unexpected surprises. Readers will be reminded that all kinds of miracles are taking place around us. All we need to do to see these miracles is to stop, look, listen and enjoy.