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If you were there when they signed the constitution

If you were there when they signed the constitution

Richard Rosenblum
Nonfiction Picture Book
For ages 8 to 10
Scholastic, 1992   ISBN: 978-0590451598

For many young people the Constitution is some mysterious document which has very little relevance to their own lives. How could something which was written hundreds of years ago affect their lives today? In this title in the excellent "If you... " series young readers will discover, among other things, what the Constitution says, how it came to be written, what were the problems associated with its ratification, and how it affects our lives to the present day.

After the revolutionary war was won, the men who formed the leadership of the new United States of America hoped that all would now be well. Unfortunately this was not the case. It soon became apparent that a new form of government was going to be needed, and a new document which provided guidance for this government was going to have to be drawn up. This document came to be called the Constitution and getting everyone to agree on what it was going to contain was a not an easy task. But, at last, the job was accomplished and the United States had a document which helped it govern its people fairly, justly, and democratically.

Presented in the form of questions and answers, this excellent title will give young readers a very clear picture of what it might have been like to be a witness to the events before and during the signing of the Constitution.