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I Took the Moon for a Walk

I Took the Moon for a Walk

Caroline Curtis
Illustrator:  Alison Jay 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Barefoot Books, 2004   ISBN: 1841486116

One night a boy takes the moon for a walk. The boy, with the moon faithfully following him like a “summer kite,” has all sorts of little adventures. The moon, being perhaps a little unused to going for walks with little boys, almost ends up stuck to a church steeple. Later, the gently smiling and glowing moon carries the boy across the night sky, holding his hand, and letting his friend see the countryside from up above where the owls fly.

Alison Jay’s richly detailed folkloric style paintings beautifully compliment the simple rhythmic and lyrical text in this book. In this gentle and evocative little story, we get to share a little boy’s dreams. We also get to see a night time world bathed in moonlight, and the many animals that come out at this time of day.

At the back of the book, the author includes information about “The Mysterious Moon,” and facts about “The World at Night.”