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I Survived The Sinking Of The Titanic, 1912

I Survived The Sinking Of The Titanic, 1912

Lauren Tarshis
Historical Fiction
For ages 8 to 10
Scholastic , 2010   ISBN: 978-0545206877

George Calder is trying to do his best to stay out of trouble. While he was travelling around England with his Aunt and his little sister, he did quite well, considering. Now George and his travelling companions are on the Titanic, and so far George has managed to get into trouble several times. How can he help it? The Titanic is such a wonderful place to explore, and it is full of so many interesting people.

On the evening of April 15th, George goes down into the baggage hold to explore. He has heard that there is an Egyptian mummy on board, and he so much wants to see it. Unfortunately, George is not the only one down in the baggage hold, and he has a very unpleasant encounter with a man who is clearly looking for something to steal. George manages to escape, and with a pounding heart, he gets back to the first class section of the ship. He manages to sneak into the cabin he shares with his sister, and is trying to fall asleep, when the steward knocks at the cabin door. Something is terribly wrong with the Titanic.

Woven into the story about George and his family are real facts about the Titanic and her ill fated first, and last, journey. Young readers will get a real sense of what the ship was like, and what it was like to be there on that terrible night when she sank in the freezing waters of the Atlantic.

At the back of the book, the author tells her readers about what it was like to write this book, and she gives us further information about the great ship and her tragic end.