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I Spy Fly Guy

I Spy Fly Guy

Tedd Arnold
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Scholastic, 2009   ISBN: 978-0545110280

One would think that an insect would not make a very good pet, but this is not the case with Fly Guy. Fly Guy lives with a little boy called Buzz and they are the best of friends. One day the boy and his pet fly go outside and Buzz suggests that they should play hide-and-seek.

   As per usual, Fly Guy hides in the garbage can, where he can have a snack while he waits for Buzz to find him. Next, Buzz hides and Fly Guy has to find him, which he does with ease. Buzz is hiding in the garden shed and Fly Guy has to fly through an air vent to get to where the boy is crouching next to the lawn mower.

   Next it is Fly Guy’s turn to hide, and he goes into the garbage can again. This time though something terrible happens. Before Buzz can get to his friend, the garbage man arrives. He empties the contents of the can into his truck and drives away, taking Fly Guy with him!

   In this engaging beginner reader title, Buzz and his pet fly have yet another adventure that will capture the interest of children. Readers will sympathize with Buzz, who is devastated when he loses his pet.

   This book is one in a series of beginner reader stories about Fly Guy. Each story is divided up into short chapters, and the sections of text are accompanied by illustrations throughout the books.