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I love you stinky face Board Book

I love you stinky face Board Book

Lisa McCourt
Illustrator:  Cyd Moore 
Board Book
For ages 3 to 6
Scholastic, 1997   ISBN: 0439635721

All children need to feel loved, and there are times when they wonder if their parents might stop loving them under the right circumstance. In this story a little boy wonders - as his mother cuddles him before bedtime – if she would stop loving him if he were different. What if he were a big ape, or a smelly skunk? What if he were an alligator or a swamp creature? What if he was a “green alien from Mars” who “ate bugs instead of peanut butter?”

Thankfully this little boy’s mother not only loves him unconditionally, she also finds wonderful answers for his questions. She tells her funny little son that, whatever he looks like, however badly he smells, and whatever strange things he eats, she will always be there for him, she will always take care of him, and she will always love him.

Delightful and amusing illustrations show the little boy in all his imagined forms. Always, whether he is an ape, an alien, a monster, or a dinosaur, the little boy is wearing his tell-tale striped pajamas, and in each case his mother is there, being a mother and doing all those things that mothers do so well.

This simple little story will make a wonderfully comforting bed-time story, and it will reassure children when they worry that they might not be loveable any more.