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I've Got an Elephant

I've Got an Elephant

Anne Ginkel
Illustrator:  Janie Bynum 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Peachtree Publishers, 2006   ISBN: 1561453730

A little girl has an elephant friend who shares her bed every night. He wears Superman pajamas and is a splendid cuddler. It is a wonderful to have such a friend, but the elephant tends to get lonely when the little girl goes to school every week day.

Then one day, the elephant goes out and he comes home with an elephant friend of his own. The two elephants are great companions for each other and for the little girl. They help the little girl with her reading, but when she goes shopping, they get lonely and they decide to get another elephant friend to live with them.

Over time, more and more elephants join the little girl’s household. They dance beautifully at ballet class, go fishing, play dress-up, go swimming, and go to the movies. The thing of it is, there does come a time when having numerous elephant friends becomes a bit of a problem.

Children will be hard pressed not to laugh out loud when they see how more and more elephants are added to the story. What is the little girl going to do with all these elephants? When will another elephant be one elephant too many?

With expressive watercolor illustrations throughout, this is a perfect book to share with a child.