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Hurricane Hunters! Riders on the Storm

Hurricane Hunters! Riders on the Storm

Chris L. Demarest
Nonfiction Picture Book
For ages 5 to 10
Simon and Schuster, 2006   ISBN: 978-0689861680

A hurricane is heading for the southern shore of the United States and though the people on the beaches don?t know what is going on yet the experts at the National Hurricane Center do. They need more information about the storm so it has been decided to send one of the Hurricane Hunter planes into the storm to gather data.

Soon the WC-130 Hercules is in the air and heading towards the storm. The large airplane is equipped with all kinds of machines and measuring instruments. The crew of six prepare for what they know will be a rough ride ahead. Even before they reach the hurricane itself the crew begin gathering information which will help the weather experts better predict where the hurricane will make landfall.

As the plane flies towards and into the storm, people on the coast begin to receive warnings from the National Hurricane Center. Soon they are getting ready for the storm by bringing their boats into harbors, boarding up their homes, and evacuating to safer areas.

Young readers will be fascinated to discover that there are planes that deliberately fly into hurricanes. As they read they will come to appreciate how important the brave crews are. The author presents his story from three points of view: from the point of view of the plane; through the eyes of the people on the ground making their preparations; and from the point of view of the storm itself as it sweeps across the ocean. This clever storytelling format helps the reader see what is going on all the time as the hurricane approaches the American coastline.