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How Zinnia Got Her Name

How Zinnia Got Her Name

Cicely Mary Barker
Novelty Book  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Penguin, 2005   ISBN: 978-0723253747

The little fairy with the delicate butterfly like wings is feeling very left out and lonely for she doesn't have a name yet and if she doesn't get one soon she will have to leave Flower Fairyland. For in Flower Fairyland "every fairy has a flower and every flower has a fairy." Luckily Sweet Chestnut, a kindly fairy, decides that he will tell the fairy with no name what she needs to learn to be given a name.

The fairy will need to know how to dance, how to sew fairy dresses out of petals, and how to look after flowers and plants. The fairy quickly goes about watching the other fairies and it isn't long before all her observing has helped her learn how to do the three things required of her. All she has to do now is to go to ask Wild Rose if she can have a flower of her own.

This touching little fairy story will resonate with all those little children who have so many things to learn in their lives and who must sometimes wonder if they are ever going to learn all they need to know. Just like the fairy who has to earn her name, they too can earn their stars, badges, hugs and praise if they just keep working on it like the fairy in this story.

Packaged in a pretty pink bag with handles and with a pink flower necklace, this book would make a perfect gift for any little girl who needs a little fairy encouragement in her life.