Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

How Robin Saved Spring

How Robin Saved Spring

Debbie Ouellet
Illustrator:  Nicoletta Ceccoli 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 8
Henry Holt, 2009   ISBN: 0805069704

Every year “since the beginning of time,” two sisters have divided the year between them. For six months, Lady Winter rules while Sister Spring sleeps. Then Sister Spring wakes up and it is Lady Winter’s turn to nap. This year Lady Winter has decided that she does not want to give Sister Spring a share of the year. Instead Lady Winter wants everything to be “cold and white every day of the year.” Using some magic yarn, Lady Winter knits a magic blanket that will keep Sister Spring asleep as long as the blanket lies on her.

What Lady Winter does not know is that little Robin has seen what she did. Robin appeals to the animals, to Maple Tree, and to River and Wind. Somehow they need to wake up Sister Spring.

With magically luminous illustrations and a delightful story, this seasonal title will delight young children who enjoy fairy tales.