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Houndsley and Catina and the quiet time

Houndsley and Catina and the quiet time

James Howe
Illustrator:   Marie-Louise Gay 
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Candlewick Press, 2009 

It is the first snowfall of the year and Houndsley is enjoying what he calls “the quiet time.” His best friend Catina is fretting because she is worried about the concert that she and Houndsley are supposed to be performing that very evening. Surely if they are snowed in, the concert will have to be cancelled. Houndsley reminds Catina that “what will be, will be,” and they might as well enjoy their snowy day.

Unfortunately Catina is not very good at letting things just be until Houndsley comes up with a wonderful idea. “Let’s pretend that we are on an island,” he says, and for much of the day, this is just what the two friends do.

This deeply satisfying new title in the Houndsley and Catina series will show readers that books written for children who are new to reading on their own need not be boring. Quite the contrary. This book beautifully combines humor with wisdom and sense of wonder, to give readers a delicious reading experience.

Marie-Louise Gay’s lovely illustrations perfectly compliment James Howe’s meaningful and memorable text.