Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews


One Mission, One Goal—Great Books for Children!

Since our first success with The Legend of Sleeping Bear (Official Children’s Book of Michigan) in 1998, Sleeping Bear Press has impressed young readers, parents, teachers, and booksellers with high-quality, beautifully illustrated picture books. As a small children’s book publisher based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we’re proud to say that readers throughout the country know us by name. Our books have inspired sterling reviews, won numerous awards, have been featured in presentations, and even found their way under the White House Christmas tree. No matter our size, our goal remains the same: Provide books that enrich children’s lives through stories that blend entertaining text with educational content.

Now, almost 15 years since the publication of The Legend of Sleeping Bear, our list has continued to grow and expand with offerings ranging from board books for the youngest of readers to novels for teens. We are extremely grateful to and proud of the gifted authors and illustrators who have contributed to our growth.

Each year we take time to look back and remember our beginnings and the goals we set for our publishing program. And we also take time to look at our future and reaffirm our commitment to young readers. We are dedicated to producing distinctive children’s books with rich content. Books that benefit not only the children who love them but also the adults who read them aloud in schools, libraries, and to their families each night at bedtime.

Thank you for your support.