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Hide Easter Bunny, Hide!

Hide Easter Bunny, Hide!

Udo Weigelt
Illustrator:  Cristina Kadmon 
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 7
NorthSouth Books, 2006   ISBN: 978-0735820548

The Easter Bunny is busily painting the last of his Easter Eggs when his two friends Squirrel and Woodpecker arrive on the scene. They tell him that a masked bandit is looking for him and, being concerned for their friend’s welfare, Squirrel and Woodpecker tell the bunny to go and hide. They even offer to hide his eggs for him so that he can hide in safety where the masked bandit won’t find him.

A very piqued Easter Bunny soon finds out however that the masked bandit is none other than Raccoon and all Raccoon wants is to ask the Easter Bunny for some Easter eggs for his children. The problem is that Easter Bunny has no eggs to give Raccoon. Not being one to give up, Easter Bunny with Raccoon in tow, go off to find Squirrel and Woodpecker and to retrieve a few eggs for Raccoon’s children.

Children who enjoy a good Easter egg hunt will greatly enjoy this story with its comedy of errors feel. Plenty of mix-ups make it amusing and children will be left in no doubt that the Easter Bunny is a true friend to everyone he meets. Attractive illustrations presented from a variety of views give young animal fans a charming picture of woodland scenes and creatures.