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Hidden Depths: Amazing Underwater Discoveries

Hidden Depths: Amazing Underwater Discoveries

Tina Holdcroft
For ages 6 to 11
Annick Press, 2004   ISBN: 978-1550378627

Did you know that pearl farmers may have to open 10,000 oyster shells before they find a pearl? Or did you know that the bottom of the sea is literally littered with the wrecks of all kinds of ships, submarines and planes. In some places there are even whole buildings lying underwater to explore.

In this entertaining and fact-filled book readers will find out about a number of fascinating underwater discoveries. In all nine undersea sites are explored ranging from the remains of an ancient Egyptian lighthouse, to the bizarre and distant world of black smokers, or underwater hydrothermal vents. There is the wreck of the Breadalbane which lies under the ice in the Canadian Arctic and in the Indian Ocean there is a living fossil to find.

Full of fascinating facts and figures, amusing and heavily annotated detailed illustrations, a maze to navigate, and a game to play, this is the kind of book which can be dipped into and browsed through for hours on end. Readers with a fondness for details and facts will especially enjoy this volume and the amusing illustrations provide a unique backdrop for giving children a lot of information in an entertaining form.

At the back of the book the author offers up more information in her “Get Serious” and “Museum” sections. This is one of the titles in the “Hidden!” series.