Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Hi! Fly guy

Hi! Fly guy

Tedd Arnold
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Scholastic, 2005   ISBN: 978-0439639033

A fly goes out to look for food one day and he literally flies into a little boy called Buzz. Buzz is looking "for something to catch – something smart, something for the Amazing Pet Show." In a flash Buzz has the fly trapped in a jar, and when the fly says "BUZZ!" in annoyance Buzz the boy is thrilled. The fly knows his name and he has "the smartest pet in the world!"

When Buzz gets home his parents are not best pleased to see his new pet. Flies are pests they tell him. They most certainly are not pets. Thankfully Buzz and his new pet, whom Buzz names Fly Guy, are able to prove to Buzz's parents that the fly is indeed a pet, and a clever one at that. Buzz can't wait to see how Fly does in the pet show.

Without a doubt Fly Guy is not your average fly, and children will love the way in which this likeable little creature communicates with the people around him. Best of all they will like the way in which Buzz and his pet become good friends.

Broken up into short chapters, this is a book which will give young readers the feeling that they are definitely moving up in the world, book-wise. Wonderful comic-style illustrations fill the pages and the text is easy to follow, while at the same time, it offers young readers interesting new words to learn.

This book is one of the 2006 Theodore Geisel Award Honor titles.