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Henry Ford: Putting the World on Wheels

Henry Ford: Putting the World on Wheels

The Editors of Time for Kids
For ages 6 to 8
HarperCollins, 2008   ISBN: 978-0060576301

Many people know that Henry Ford designed and built early automobiles, but what they might not know is that his cars had a profound effect on American society. For many years more people bought his Model-T car than any other. The reason for his was that Henry, the son of Michigan farmer, had built a car that was strong, reliable, and inexpensive. He wanted his car to be affordable for every American who had a decent job. His Model-T fit the bill perfectly. Cars were no longer just a luxury for the rich, they were now something which the growing middle class could afford.

To keep up with the demand for his cars Henry Ford built large factories and he used assembly line systems to make production more efficient. Henry also did something which really shook the business world, he gave his workers a raise, paying them five dollars a day. Now Henry's workers were not only making his cars, but they were able to afford to buy them. Middle class Americans could now travel and see other parts of the country. They were free to take trips without having to rely on public transportation or horses. This was a huge change for the entire country.

This Time for Kids Biographies title not only tells the story of Henry Ford's life and work, but it also shows young readers how Henry Ford's cars and his business practices had a large impact on the finances and behavior of average American citizens. Sidebars of text provide readers with interesting background information and numerous photographs show readers what Henry Ford's world was like.