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Henry And Mudge under the Yellow Moon

Henry And Mudge under the Yellow Moon

Cynthia Rylant
Illustrator:  Sucie Stevenson 
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Simon and Schuster, 1996   ISBN: 978-0689810213

It is the fall, and Henry and his big dog Mudge like to go for walks together. Since one of them is a boy and one is a dog, they have their own individual ways of enjoying the season. While Henry likes to pick apples, Mudge likes to lick them. Henry enjoys admiring the red, gold, and yellow leaves, and Mudge likes to eat some of them.

One of the things Henry likes most out fall is that this is the time of year when you celebrate Halloween. He loves to decorate the house with pumpkins and paper bats, and he loves to dress up in a costume. One thing that he does not love is that his mother tells scary stories. Henry’s friends come over and she tells them stories about ghostly doings. Poor Henry has never been able to tell his mother how he really feels about her frightening stories. This year Henry is feeling better about listening to the ghost stories because this year he has Mudge with him. Surely Mudge won’t be scared, and having him around will make Henry feel safe.

For many years now the Henry and Mudge stories have delighted countless beginner readers. Each book contains several chapters, and the stories that we are told are about the everyday adventures that Henry and Mudge share. It is easy for children to relate to the main characters, and to appreciate their experiences.

This title captures the joys and woes of the fall season beautifully. Children will enjoy seeing how Henry’s deals with people and situations that he does not really like.