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Henley: A New York tail

Henley: A New York tail

Julie Muszynski
Picture Book
For ages 6 and up
Glitterati Incorporated, 2006   ISBN: 157687253X

There is a sign in the window of the Sweetie Pie Pet Shop advertising that there is a “royal pup” in the shop who is seeking an “equally majestic owner with an imperial dwelling and a true heart.” The pup in question is Henley and the pet shop owner, Mr. Allbite Snifferson Tall, is sure that the little Japanese Chin is “Destined for greatness.”

   One day a lady, Ms. Lulu Siminski, the fashionista, comes into the shop and she is thrilled when she is introduced to Henley. Mr. Allbite Snifferson Tall tells Lulu all about Henley’s impressive pedigree. His Japanese ancestors were royal pets, and he is also connected to the royal house of England because Her Majesty Queen Victoria was very fond of her pet chin. The queen’s daughter, Princess Alexandra, had twenty-six of the little dogs.

   All of this information greatly impresses Lulu but what really convinces her that Henley is the dog for her are his sweet ways. That very day she walks out of the per shop with Henley, who goes to live in a very chic penthouse apartment with his new mistress. They do everything together, enjoying many wonderful days in New York City and abroad.

   Then one day Lulu and Henley go to Bergdorf Goodman to get some “baubles” and gift ribbon, which is where Henley meets someone who sees Henley’s potential and who makes the little dog a star!

   In this unique picture book the author combines a charming story with retro style art and novelty features to give young readers a singular picture book experience.