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Hello, World! Dinosaurs

Hello, World! Dinosaurs

Jill McDonald
Nonfiction Board Book
FOr ages 4 to 6
Random House, 2018   ISBN: 978-1524719340

All over the world adults and children alike flock to museums to look at the skeletons of dinosaurs. There is something about these animals that captures our imagination, and we are eager to learn about them. Even very young children are fascinated by dinosaurs, and luckily Jill McDonald has created this book just for them.

The author begins by telling us where we can see dinosaur bones today. We find out how the bones are found by paleontologists who dig them up and then β€œfit them back together like a puzzle.”

After this short introduction, we go on to meet eight very different kinds of dinosaurs. For each species we are given a few facts that tell us a bit about their habits and their appearance. For example, we learn that Apatosaurus was a very large dinosaur that was able to eat leaves out of trees because it had a very long neck. Compsognathus was much smaller – about the size of a chicken – and it ran around very fast on its back legs. Velociraptors were also fast moving, and their bodies were covered with feathers.

One thing all the dinosaurs had on common was that they hatched out of eggs that had been placed in nests by their parents.

This colorful and informative board book will delight young children who like dinosaurs, and it will do doubt pique their interest so that they will want to find out more about these fascinating animals.