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Hello Bugs, What Do You Do?

Hello Bugs, What Do You Do?

Loes Botman
Board Book
For ages 2 to 4
Floris Books, 2017   ISBN: 978-1782503835

You may imagine that bugs don’t do much, but in fact they are busy creatures. In this beautifully illustrated board book we meet twelve familiar insects, and we learn one word for each animal that describes something that it does.

For example, on the first spread we see a bright eyed honey bee that is carrying a golden parcel of pollen on its leg. We are told that what this insect does is to “buzz.” The pretty butterfly on the facing page is made to “flutter.”  Further along in the book we see an ant that likes to “scurry,” and a woodlouse that will “scuttle” around, its long antennae feeling out the world in front of it.

Other animals that we meet include a beetle and a spider, who sits in the center of its web spinning and waiting.

With gorgeous illustrations and descriptive words that are fun to say, this is a board book young children will enjoy looking at.