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Heart to Heart with Mallory

Heart to Heart with Mallory

Laurie Friedman
Illustrator:  Barbara Pollak 
Fiction  Series
For ages 7 to 9
Lerner, 2007   ISBN: 978-0822571339

Mallory has received two things in the mail today. Her grandma has sent her a diary to write in, and Mr. Winston, the next door neighbor, has sent her an invitation to a Valentine’s Day party in three weeks time. At first, Mallory is thrilled to be invited to a party, but then she begins to wonder why Mr. Winston is giving one. He is not the partying type.

Mallory plans to call her best friend Mary Ann to tell her about the party, but Joey, Mallory’s next-door best friend and Mr. Winston’s son, explains that Mary Ann already knows about the party because she and her mother are invited to come. Why would Mary Ann be invited to the party? She lives in a town several hours away. It makes no sense until Mallory does a little investigating, and what she discovers is that Mr. Winston and Mary Ann’s mother are not only dating and talking to each other on the phone a lot, they are also in love. Madly in love. What if Mr. Winston asks Mary Ann’s mother to marry him? Then Mary Ann and Joey will be related, and they will be so busy being related and having fun together, that Mallory will get left out and forgotten. Suddenly Mallory does not want to go to the Valentine’s Day party. She does not want Mary Ann’s mother to marry Joey’s father.

In this delightful Mallory title, Mallory struggles to come to terms with a change that is certainly on the horizon. Young readers who are trying to adjust to similar situations in their lives will appreciate the story and understand how Mallory feels.

With sensitivity and humor, Laurie Friedman uses an entertaining diary format so that young readers can share in Mallory’s trials and triumphs.