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Hazel’s Amazing Mother

Hazel’s Amazing Mother

Rosemary Wells
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 6
Penguin, 1985   ISBN: 978-0140549119

Hazel and her mother are going to go for a picnic today and Hazel’s mother sends the little badger girl to town to buy some things for the picnic. Hazel takes her doll Eleanor in the doll carriage with her and many people admire the pretty doll with her new dress and blue satin shoes. Hazel’s mother made the doll and her clothes and Eleanor means a great deal to Hazel.

On the way home Hazel gets lost and she finds herself on the top of a hill. A threesome of big kids decide that they would like to play with Eleanor and they toss the doll around until poor Eleanor has lost her eyes, her stuffing, her dress and her shoes. What is poor Hazel to do? More than anything she wishes her mother were there to help her.

Back at the house Hazel’s mother somehow knows that something is wrong with Hazel. Then a most amazing thing happens and Hazel’s mother is able to help both Hazel and Eleanor.

This story about a mother’s love and how she is able to fix things when something goes wrong is real pleasure to read. Children will be able to identify with Hazel and will feel much cheered when they see that everything comes out right in the end. Rosemary Wells’ likeable characters and her well known artistic style will once again leave an impression on her young readers.