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Have You Seen Elephant?

Have You Seen Elephant?

David Barrow
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Gecko Press, 2016   ISBN: 978-1776570089

One day Elephant ask his friend the little boy if he would like to play hide and seek. The little boy is happy to play and invites Elephant to be the one who hides. Elephant warns his friend that he, Elephant, is “Very good” at hiding.

The little boy counts to ten and then he sets off to find Elephant. Now, the thing about elephants, even elephants that are not full grown, is that they are rather big. Hiding an elephant is a bit of a challenge, but this elephant manages it, in his own very distinctive way.

The little boy goes into the kitchen, the bedroom, the sitting room, and in the garden. He looks under the bed, in a flower pot, this way and that, but he cannot find Elephant anywhere.

Little children are going to love this deliciously funny and sweet book. They will see Elephant in his rather obvious hiding places, and they will wonder if the little boy does see him. Perhaps he is being kind and is pretending that he doesn’t. Or maybe the elephant really is as good at hiding as he thinks he is.

When they get to close of the story, children will encounter an ending that is sure to bring forth more than a smile or two.