Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews



Kris Waldherr
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 5
Walker, 2001   ISBN: 978-0802787927

Today is a very special day. The girl and her mother have been waiting for this day for many months and have been working very hard in preparation for it. In the spring they planted little seeds and since then they have watered and weeded, tended and cared for the plants in their garden, waiting for this day when they could harvest the fruits, vegetables and flowers that they grew so carefully.

Now there are pumpkins to gather and store away, flowers and herbs to dry, fruits and vegetables to can. This is a time to be grateful for the bounty that the garden has provided and to enjoy the harvest days as winter approaches.

With minimal text, a simple message of how hard work can reap great rewards, and rich pictures warm with the russets, yellows, and golds of autumn, this is satisfying little book which honours those who harvest and the Earth which provides that harvest.