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Harry Potter: Magical Creatures Coloring Book

Harry Potter: Magical Creatures Coloring Book

Illustrator:  Artwork created by several artists 
Drawing Book
For ages 8 and up
Scholastic , 2016   ISBN: 978-1338030006

One of the things that make the Harry Potter books so beloved and memorable is the fact that the stories are packed with wonderful characters and creatures. Though we loved Harry, Hermione, Professor Dumbledore and all the other humans, the interactions these characters have with giants, merpeople, elves, dragons, enormous spiders and other creatures really captures our interest and imagination.

In this coloring book artists will find scenes from the books, and also portraits of the creatures that they met on the pages of the Harry Potter novels. Fans of the Harry Potter tales will be able to add their own brilliant, or subtle, colors to Fawkes the phoenix, the basilisk, Hedwig the owl, dragons of various species, and even the Monster Book. Some of the pages offer us the opportunity to explore a dramatic scene, such as the one where Harry and his friends fly away from Hogwarts riding on the back of a griffin.

The illustrations in this drawing book are rich with detailed, which means that artists can create pictures that are full of color and texture. The book would make a wonderful gift for Harry Potter fans of all ages.