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Harry Houdini (Kids Can Read)

Harry Houdini (Kids Can Read)

Elizabeth MacLeod
Illustrator:  John Mantha 
For ages 6 to 8
Kids Can Press, 2009   ISBN: 978-1554532988

Eric Weiss was born in Hungary, but when he was only two years old his family moved to America. Ehrie (this was his nickname) was eight years old when he saw his first magic show, and he never forgot what he saw. When he was seventeen he and a friend created a magic act of their own, and Erhie decided to call himself Harry Houdini.

After he got married to a young woman called Bess, Harry created an “escape” trick. Harry was told to “forget about the small magic tricks.” Instead he should focus on performing “escapes.” This was an excellent piece of advice, and it wasn’t long before Harry’s career began to make some real headway.

This excellent Kids Can Read title presents the story of Harry Houdini is an easy to read format that beginner readers will enjoy. Readers will not only read about one of the worlds most famous and exciting escape artists, but they will also get to exercise their reading skills.